Tried It, Loved It

I love the beejuvenate balm--I use it all the time--it absorbs beautifully into the skin--no oil or grease. I would recommend it to anyone, even those with skin that tends to get "rashy" with certain other lotions (like me!)"

Barbara from Orem, Utah

 My six year old son suffers from very dry skin. The tops of his hands become scaly, red and sore. I tried all of the over the counter lotions and creams that I could find. None of them worked, and at times he would cry because they would sting his raw hands. I tried beejuvenate and it works great. It's not messy, he can put it on himself, and I don't have to try and convince him to put it on. He puts it on every night before he goes to bed, and this has completely solved his dry skin problem.”

Eleanor from San Antonio, Texas

Thanks for sending the order out so quickly. I have been giving these away to family friends who need a cure for eczema. It works EVERY time."

Greg from Salt Lake City, Utah

Earlier this summer, while I was doing some yard work, I cut my arm. After several weeks, the cut wouldn't completely heal. I knew that your beejuvenate would help cure bleeding dry skin; so I thought that I would try it on the cut on my arm. Within a week, the cut was practically healed. Now, any minor scraps I get, I use beejuvenate on it--thanks!”

Dean from Chandler, Arizona